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You will be met on arrival at Tehran International airport and transferred to your hotel.

Day 1

Start your sightseeing in Tehran by visiting Sa’dabad Complex containing 18 palaces belonged to Pahlavi royal families. Next, proceed to Imamzadeh Saleh, the burial place of a son of the seventh Imam, and Tajrish Bazaar. At the end, you Meet Iranian artists in Tabiat Bridge.

Day 2

Depart Tehran for Zanjan. On the way, visit Imamzadeh Hossein Holy Shrine, in Qazvin. At the end, visit Soltaniyeh Dome, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the oldest double-shell dome, in Zanjan.

Day 3

On this day, you go on an excursion to Takht-e Soleiman, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and explore the holiest shrine of Zoroastrianism and the most important relic of the Sassanid Empire.

Day 4

Depart Zanjan for Hamedan, a historical city established by the Medes as an ancient Iranian tribe. Then visit Ecbatana; one of the tourism attractions, which offers you a beautiful view to the city; in Hamedan.

Day 5

This day is devoted to discovering the history of Iran. Start your sightseeing in Hamedan by visiting Ganjnameh Inscription (literally, means treasure book), a set of cuneiform characters written in three languages and include the edicts of Achaemenid kings. Next, visit Avicenna Tomb, the burial place of the great Iranian philosopher, scholar and physician. Then explore Esther and Mordechai Tomb, and Stone Lion of Hamedan.

Day 6

Depart Hamedan for Kermanshah. On the way, visit Bisotun Inscription, a series of bas-reliefs and cuneiform inscriptions dating from 521 BC, which is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Afterward, visit Taq-e Bostan (literally, means Arch of the garden) in which you can find the reliefs from Sassanid era.

Day 7

Depart Kermanshah for Susa, home to a vast UNESCO-listed archaeological site. Then visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System; listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and containing an interconnected set of bridges, dams, mills, waterfalls and canals.

Day 8

In the morning, visit Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat, the first Iranian monument listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the first religious building in Iran. Proceed to Hafttapeh, an archaeological site in which the remains of Kabnak Elamite City was found in the excavations, and its Museum. Finally, explore Susa and visit Daniel Tomb. Depart for Ahvaz.

Day 9

Depart Ahvaz for Shiraz. On the way, visit The city of Bishapur and its related components as an ancient city in Sassanid Dynasty

Day 10

On this day, you start your sightseeing in Shiraz, the city of love and poet.  First, you enjoy the great architecture and exquisite colored tiling in Nasir-ol-molk Mosque. Then proceed to Narenjestan e Ghavam Garden, named after the oranges in the courtyard. Afterward, visit Hafiz Tomb, a great Iranian poet who was also admired by Goethe. Finally, visit Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine and Vakil Bazaar.

Day 11

On this day, you get mesmerized by the historical wonders of Iran. Go on an excursion to Persepolis, the ancient capital of Persia with its wonderfully well-preserved remains, and Naqsh-e Rustam, which contains four graves of the first Achaemenid Emperors, Darius the Great, Xerxes, Artaxerxes I and Darius II, carved into the cliff.

Day 12

Depart Shiraz for Kerman. On the way, visit the Sassanid Palace in Sarvestan, which includes fortification structures, palaces, reliefs and city remains dating back to the earliest and latest moments of the Sassanid Empire

Day 13

In Mahan, visit Shahzadeh Garden, a green oasis in the heart of the desert. Then proceed to Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, an Iranian poet and Sufi (mystic). Afterward, start your sightseeing in Kerman by visiting Jameh Mosque of Kerman and admire the huge decorated portal located in the west side. Next, head toward Ganjali Khan Historical Bathhouse where you enjoy the beautiful paintings of Safavid era. At the end, visit Grand Bazaar of Kerman.

Day 14

Depart Kerman for Yazd. On the way, visit Zein-o-din Carvansarai, a 400-year-old caravanserai built on the order of Shah Abbas I. In Yazd, you take the opportunity to appreciate the burial ceremony of ancient Persia in Towers of Silence.

Day 15

Start your sightseeing in Yazd, the world’s largest adobe city. First, you head toward Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a holy site for Zoroastrians in which you can find the holy fire maintained for more than 1100 years. Later, proceed to Jameh Mosque of Yazd and admire the masterpiece of calligraphy and exquisite mosaics. Then visit henna mills and continue to the Historical District in Yazd, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 16

Depart Yazd for Isfahan. On the way, visit Narin Castle, considered as a strong and indestructible place against enemies and aliens, in Meybod. In Nain, visit Jameh Mosque of Nain, one of the oldest mosques in Iran, and Aba weaving workshop where the cloth of Mullahs is weaved out of camel wool

Day 17

Start you sightseeing in Isfahan, known as Oriental Rome. First, visit Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, one of the five oldest Friday Mosques in the world and listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Then proceed to Si-o-se Pol and Khaju Bridges, which have spanned the Zayandeh Rud River, and the Vank Cathedral, also known as church of the saintly  sisters, in Armenian Quarter. Finally, visit Grand Bazaar of Isfahan in the afternoon.

Day 18

Visit Chehel Sotoun palace (Forty Columns), which portrays the traditional Persian garden characteristics. Next, Head towards Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the second largest square in the world. Then visit Imam Mosque, a stunning monument at the head of Isfahan’s main square; Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, also known as the mosque of women, and Ali Qapou Palace. In the afternoon, take some leisure time.

Day 19

Depart Isfahan for Kashan. On the way, visit Jameh Mosque of Natanz and Ceramic workshop. Finally, stroll in the Historical Village of Abyaneh, also known as the red village because of its red soil and house.

Day 20

Enjoy sightseeing in Kashan, an admired city due to the great traditional houses and architecture. First, visit Tabatabaei Historical House, a brilliant example for Persian traditional architecture. Then head toward Agha Bozorg Mosque. At the end, enjoy Fin Garden, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites as an example for Persian garden then depart for Tehran.

Day 21

On the first day, you explore the museums of Tehran, the capital of Iran. First, you start your sightseeing by visiting National Museum of Iran where you can follow up the whole history of Iran. Afterward, visit Golestan Palace, which contains the integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. Then admire the stunning collection of ancient crafts in Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran.

Day 22

Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Day 23

Grand Tour of Iran

Tehran / Tehran

23 Days


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Grand Tour of Iran

Tehran Tehran

23 Days -


Grand Tour of Iran

We are proud to provide the trip for you in which you can admire the treasures of Iran, many of which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This journey, gives you the opportunity to follow the footsteps of the most powerful Empires of the history and touch the lifestyle of different ethnicities of Iran.

Grand Tour of Iran