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Medium Tours of Iran (11 to 13 days)
Horse Riding Tour

The fascination of Iranian Horses is a never ending passion. As Iranians are believed to be the first pioneer of

Discovering Persian Art

This travel gives you the chance to get familiar with modern and traditional Iranian art in architecture, handy crafts, carpet

Dance with Sands, Sleep under the Sky…

Surrounded by the colorful rays of a mosque, Stunned by Persian poetry, facing the grandeur of the ancient empire, in

Through Iranian Art and Culture

This travel belongs to all people who would like to discover everything about Ancient Persia including cultural sites, spectacular sites

Iran, A Country For All Seasons

During this journey, you can experience another aspect of climate although Iran is Known as a hot and dry country

Mount Damavand and The Pearls of Persia

This trip is divided to two important parts. At the first part, you will go hiking in Damavand, the highest

Iran – Classic Tour

Iran is the heart of Persian civilization – one of the most ancient & long lasting! Though it has been

On the traces of Islam

Iran is a country influenced by Islamic culture. The beautifully decorated shrines and mausoleums which attracts the attentions of every

Pilgrimage Iran’s Tour

Iran is home to sacred places and magnificent popular and respected shrines . Every year visitors from all over the world

Off The Beaten Track Into Ancient Persia

We delve into Iran’s exquisite culture, history, and natural offerings. Spending time in important cities like Shiraz and Isfahan, as

Golden Eagle – Rail To Iran In Lux

Journey by rail on board the fully en-suite Golden Eagle goes through destinations that have been off the tourists maps